1. How do I apply for a new connection?

    Click here to sign up for new connection and get started.

  2. What are the documents required to get a new connection?

    Duly filled Customer Application Form (CAF) along with the following documents:

    • Self-attested Photograph
    • Self-attested Proof of Identity
    • Self-attested Proof of Address
  3. How can I change my tariff plan?

    You can change your tariff plan by contacting us at +91 971 144 3333 or by writing to us at support@comway.in or help@@comway.in.

  4. Can I shift the service to another location?

    Yes, you can. Just put a request for shifting the broadband service to another location by writing to us at support@comway.in. If we service the new location, our team will register your request for shift.

  5. How can I make the bill payment?

    You can make online bill payment via credit card/debit card/Net banking by logging into your account at the Quick Pay section of the website.

  6. What should you do if your internet is not working?

    • Check whether the wireless router is on/off.
    • Check whether WAN LED (Internet or Globe LED) is blinking or not, if not then re-insert the Ethernet cable at WAN port. If still no LED then please call our customer care.
    • If WAN LED is there and internet is not working then power of the router for 5-10 minutes and then restart it